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About Us

Progressive Social Network (PSN) is a grassroots community advocacy group promoting a progressive agenda in the greater Baton Rouge area. We offer opportunities for members to get involved through regular meetings, issues based committees, participating in community improvement initiatives, direct political actions such as rallies and vigils, as well as community building and dialogue events.

Our Philosophy

The progressive agenda that PSN promotes is guided by three main principles:


We believe that decisionmaking focused on fairness and the acknowledgement of systemic disadvantages leads to equality of outcomes.


We believe in intentionally building coalitions that deliberately cross lines of race, gender, sexuality, religion, and political affiliation.


We believe that respectful dissent is a necessary and important component in holding ourselves, our institutions, and our community and political leaders to the highest possible standards.

What we do

PSN In the Media


Baton Rouge Metro Council urges AG's office to swiftly conclude Alton Sterling investigation

A bipartisan coalition of nine council members co-sponsored a measure Wednesday urging the Louisiana Attorney General’s office to swiftly conclude its investigation…. <Read More>


Hundreds gather in rally, march to support Charlottesville victims

After a day of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, activists across the country planned solidarity events for the counter-protesters on Sunday.. <Read More>


Crowds take to Baton Rouge courthouse, Triple S to protest immigration orders

Abdul Fatteh and two of his sons joined about 100 others outside the Baton Rouge federal courthouse …. <Read More>


Facing Right-Wing Future, Local-Level Resistance to Trump Agenda Swells

Around the country, people who woke up on November 9 shocked and galvanized by the election results are forming new local organizations and networks to resist… <Read More>

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